Healthy Care Of Your Sex Toys

With the increase in both the availability and the use of sex toys in recent years, more and more men are incorporating sex toys into both their solo and partner-based sex lives. The use of toys opens up new options and possibilities, so it’s easy to see why they have become popular. Some men, even those with a very healthy penis, may still wonder if they need to do anything to ensure that use of these toys doesn’t compromise their penis health or the health of their partners. With proper and careful use, there shouldn’t be issues. That proper use, by the way, includes caring for and cleaning sex toys in an appropriate manner.

With that in mind, the following tips are suggested for proper sex toys care:

Read Up On Them

Sex toys should come with basic instructions regarding their use and care. It’s helpful to become familiar with these instructions and follow them. Pay attention to any warnings and if the manufacturer advises a person not to use a toy in a certain way – then don’t use it in that certain way! It’s common sense, but sometimes people can get carried away. However, also be aware that sex toys are considered “novelties” and therefore are not regulated strictly – so some manufacturers may not include instructions. If that is the case, boning up on care for a particular toy using reliable online resources is recommended.

Always Use Clean Toys

Before plunging in with that penis ring, dildo or other implement, take a few minutes to give it a good washing. It should have been sanitized and factory sealed, but it’s always good to make sure. Besides, many objects have a “new product” odor that some people dislike, and cleaning can help decrease that odor. (Repeated use will eventually get rid of it.) And be sure to thoroughly dry the product after washing.

And wash after every use. Sex toys need to be cleaned after every use. While some men prefer to wait and just clean them right before they use them again, it’s probably safer to clean them soon after their use. This keeps bacteria and odors from getting more “ingrained” and harder to get out.

Know how to clean the product. Most sex toys respond well to soap and warm water, but check the instructions to see if a specific product is different. Toys made of metal may also be boiled, but a person needs to make sure to allow plenty of “cool down” time before using boiled objects. Any object involving batteries or an electric plug should come with information on the best way to clean without damaging. If it doesn’t, check a reliable source online – but submerging it in water is generally never a good idea.

Beware of porous materials. Many “soft” sex toys are made of a porous substance that can feel good – but which can also make it much easier to harbor bacteria, a no-no for men wanting to maintain a healthy penis. Cleaning porous material is also harder, and drying it can be difficult – which can then make it easier for bacteria to grow. So use porous toys with a proper degree of caution.

Store Toys In Safe Environment

After cleaning, put the toy somewhere dry and not too hot. Placing it inside a cloth drawstring bag is generally a good option; this keeps dust, bacteria and other no-no’s away from it.